Lesson Summary:
Students will review the components of IP Telephony System with VoiP and develop a Scope Diagram that allows By integrating and developing Internet Technologies, it is possible to overcome the restriction and blindness of circuit switching.

By integrating and developing Internet Technologies, it is possible to overcome the restriction and blindness of circuit switching. One of the Internet Technologies is known IP Telephony System which works based on packet switching.
Now days, this is a great issue to send voice data from one station to another without any delay or reliable communication.
IP Telephony System can facilitate this issue with voice over internet protocol (VoIP) technology.
IP Telephony can communicate by four ways: Phone to Phone, Phone to Computer, Computer to Phone, Computer to Computer. This system minimizes the cost very effectively by using bandwidth of the network.
There are many standard based on IP telephony like SIP (session intonation protocol) and H.323 and many more.H.323 is currently the most widely supported IP telephony signaling protocol. Terminals, gateways, gatekeepers,
multipoint control units are the basic component of H.323 standard.
The main motivation of development of IP Telephony is the cost saving & integrating new services. Internet telephony integrates a variety of services

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MD. NIJAM UDDIN is a Junior Instructor (Computer) at Feni Govt. Technical School & College.
Junior Instructor (Computer)
Feni Govt. Technical School & College
Trunk Road, Salauddin more, Feni.
Cell: 01827590464
Email: nijam_cse@yahoo.com

Career Objective:
To establish myself as a successful professional by executing my skills acquired from my academic qualifications, rich experience by personal approach to a given problem. Application of my talents and skills in the new atmosphere, with challenging outlook to gain the desired result in a given field. Have a strong desire to work in a challenging environment where I can utilize my education and skills. To achieve this aim I am determined to offer honesty, efficiency and sincerity to the optimum level.
Academic Qualification:
Name of Examination Major Institution Name University/Board GPA /CGPA Passing Year
SSC/Dakhil General TahirpurMadrasha Madrasah 4.5 (out of 5) 2004
Diploma in Engineering CSE Feni Polytechnic Institute (FPI) BTEB 3.11 (out of 4) 2009
B.Sc in Engineering CSE Feni Feni University University 3.14 2017

Foreign Degree
Course Name :Certificate in Information Technology (CIT)
Institution Name : GGSK College, UK
Awarding body : ACP, London, UK.

Project: IP Telephony System.
This Project is to describe the architecture and implementation of Internet telephony Systems. It works with the traditional telephone networks via a PSTN/IP gateway. It also serves as a corporate or campus infrastructure for existing and future services like web, email, video and streaming media. We will also discuss common inter-operability problems between the PBX and the gateway.

International Certification/ Award:
I acquired Eight International awards and 57 Certification with 16,33,306 Point, 108 Badge about on IT and Computer Science, from Microsoft Corporation (Microsoft Education) USA.


Fields of Specialization Description/ Responsibilities
MMC (Multimedia Classroom Management) Revolutionizing pedagogy and making learning fun
IT Support Service & System Management IT Support, maintaining IT network, servers and security systems
SEO & Website Management Analyzes, reviews and implements changes to websites with upgrade.
Online (Web/e-mail) Support e-communication with online support
System Engineer
(Computer Hardware & Software) Systems Engineer Responsibilities. Include: Managing and monitoring all installed systems and infrastructure. Installing, configuring, testing and maintaining operating systems, application software and system management tools.
Network Administrator Installing network and computer systems. Maintaining, repairing and upgrading network and computer systems.

Computer Skill:
Windows: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Linux
Office Programs: MS Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint
Network: LAN, Server Network, configure Router , Design and deploy networks
Programming: C/C++, Java, Oracle
Graphics: (Photoshop, Illustrator) Design Invitation Card,website template design ,
advertising, books, magazines, posters,
Typing Skill: Bangle, English & Arabic

Workshop & Training:
1) Industrial Training (6 Month about On IT)
Passing Year: February-March, 2008
CGPA-4.00 (Out of-4), Under the Bangladesh Technical Education Board (BTEB)

2) Development of Digital Contents (Held from 07-12 March 2015)
Conducted by: Skills Development Project, Directorate of Technical Education
Ministry of Education, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Place: TTTC, Dhaka.

3) Competency Based Training (CBT), Pedagogy Phase-1, (Held from 01-05 March 2015)
Conducted by: Skills Development Project, Directorate of Technical Education
Ministry of Education, Dhaka, Bangladesh, Place: TTTC, Dhaka.

- Attended two day workshop on“Computer Networking (CCNA)”
atFeni University.
- Attended two day workshop on “Database Applications (Oracle, SQL Server)”
atFeni University.
Award/Honors from Microsoft Corporation (USA)

International Awarded:
1) Certified Microsoft innovative educator.
2) Educator Community Contributor.
3) Educator Community Influencer.
4) MIE Trainer
5) MIE Trainer 2017-2018.
6) MIE Master Trainer 2017-2018.
7) MIE Surface Expert.
8) Microsoft innovative educator Expert 2017-2018.
Link: https://education.microsoft.com/Status/Public/Achievements?token=B8sUkhWE

National Awarded

National Champion, 13th place (Best 15) of annual content competition 2017
Access to Information (a2i) Programs, Prime Minister’s Office, Bangladesh
Link: http://www.ittefaq.com.bd/capital/2017/09/25/128697.html

Best content developer of the week (Teachers Portal)23 November 2017
Access to Information (a2i) Programs, Prime Minister’s Office, Bangladesh
Link: https://www.teachers.gov.bd/

Champion, (Divisional Round, Chittagong) Multimedia Content Contest 2017
Champion-1st place, Multimedia Content Contest 2015
(District Round,Feni, Noakhali, Luxmipur, Comilla)

Obtained Certificate fromNTRCA, Ministry of Education
Lecturer, (Computer) -BM 8th NTRCA Examination.
Passing Year: 2012 Roll: 43212270

Assistant Teacher (Computer) 13th NTRCA Examination.
Passing Year: 2017Roll: 31305615

Assistant Teacher (Computer) 9th NTRCA Examination.
Passing Year: 2013Roll: 31321220

Junior Instructor (Computer & Information Technology) 7th NTRCA Exam.
Passing Year: 2011 Roll: 34012545

Personal Information
Father’s Name : Md. EbadulHoque
Mother’s Name : NorunNahar
Date of Birth : 01 February 1989
Place of Birth : Noakhali, Bangladesh
Nationality : Bangladeshi by Birth
Sex : Male
Marital Status : Married, Spouse (Taslima Akter)
Religion : Islam

Permanent Address : Village: Dhalua (Hazirpara), Post Office: K.D. Hat, 3900
Police Station: Senbag, District: Noakhali. Bangladesh.

Curricular Activities: I participated on the following events-
World Braille Day Programming Contest-2010, jointly organized by-
CSE Department and CSE Society, GGSK College, London, UK
 ICT Quiz Competition 2016, organized by-CSE Department, Feni University

Total Experience of Service: Almost 7 Years 9 month
1) Laptop Desktop Repair Center, East ham, London, UK.
Duties: Clients Network Connectivity Observation, Computer Repair & Solution. Duration: 26 October 2009 to 18 March 2010 (0 years 4 months 20 days)

2)Darbasher Hat Sinior (Alim) Madrasha, (18072), EIIN 106540, Dagonbuiyan, Feni.
Designation/ Post Name: Part-Time, Assistant Teacher (Computer).
Length of Service: 01/04/2010 to 31/01/2014 (3 years 9 months 30 days)

3) Feni Govt. Technical School & College, (69014)
Designation/ Post Name: Junior Instructor (Computer)
Length of Service: 02/02/2014 to07/10/2017 (3 years 8 months 5 days)

SayedHossanParvez Engr. Abdul Awal
Senior Lecturer & Chairman (In-Charge) Principal
Computer Science & Engineering Feni Govt. Technical School & College
Feni University, Feni Cell: 01717218002
Cell: 01781349433 E-mail: fenitsc@gmail.com
E-mail: mdsayedparvez@gmail.com

I declare that the above information is true and executed with by best of knowledge.

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